Ounces of Bags

CEO & Founder of Vintageoats

My name is Ciara Bennett and I started my food for the soul journey back on 2017. Being a mother of 3 I sought out healthier eating habits for my kids. Of course like most parents I considered granola as a healthier alternative to chips and cookies. To my surprise most retail stores sold overly processed granola with high levels of sugar. As a mother my ultimate goal is to provide my children with food I can trust. That will create a healthy lifestyle for their future. I have been in the food industry for 3 years now, not only creating my own recipes but engineering new and creative healthy snacks. I take pride in my product and what my business has to offer the community and other parents like me. Eating healthy and clean is a lifestyle choice that at times can be hard and unaffordable. I strive to make eating healthier and clean a little easier, by providing healthy affordable good tasting snacks.